2017/8 Scotch Whisky Journal


Its going to be a busy time over the next few weeks for me. With the SuperBowl only 10 days away, Tight Spiral is being featured as a reminder to readers that enjoy sports fiction novels. Commencing on 30 of January, I will be on a book tour with Sensuous Promotions.  Yes, Tight Spiral is also romantic with a touch of erotica in certain scenes. However, its not raunchy in anyway and is just two young people falling in love.

Also, I will be featured in a publication that covers all of Canada. This is a fantastic e-book magazine for Canadian authors and readers.

Please visit this site for more information next week on dates and links to interviews and information.

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Indie Authors

Happy New Year

January is flying by. I have been busy promoting my three full novels and two short stories.  There comes a time for all Indie (self-published) authors to take time out from writing and work on their marketing plan.

I spent some considerable time checking my books were in the correct genres. I do get quite disappointed when I buy a book that is not in the correct category that was shown. EG: Famous romance writers, where 99% is actually crime and one smile from the two main characters to each other constitutes romance!

Tight Spiral was under Romance and suspense with a smattering of romance in the Erotica category. However most of the story is about American football and the ups and downs in life we find in many relationships. The fact they meet and fall in love is only a small part of the story. I changed sub genres and key words on Amazon and now its # 84 best selling under Teen/Young adult and Football. Up there with Calico Joe by John Grisham which I thought was  great read.

I recently got to thinking about fellow authors on social media that would send a tweet asking if we would retweet their messages. I have never seen a retweet of my posts from this author for over a year. I started paying attention to which authors actually help each other.


Please find three links of authors that have helped me tremendously. The first two are local authors in Nova Scotia. The third is a lady from the USA I have never met, but supports me on Twitter continuously. Here is an author that writes true romantic suspense stories. Thanks for all your support.


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Guest Author Appearance

I was invited by Author Rita Chapman to be her guest author this week. Rita is a UK writer living in Australia. If you like romantic adventure novels then “Missing in Egypt” is a must read.

Missing in Egypt

I must say the questions were both interesting and diverse and I thoroughly enjoyed the interview.

You can visit Rita’s web site to view the full interview.

Rita’s web site

I hope in the future to invite authors to appear here on my Blog.

Have a great Sunday


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Featured Author

You will find me today at Love Indie Romance. Check out their Facebook page:

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Book Reviews

You will always hear Indie authors asking for reviews. Firstly, an Indie author means they are not signed up with a publisher. They self-publish, often like myself, through Amazon. Our only method of  informing readers we have a great story is through reviews. I think often, family and friends think its some type of ego trip. Well done, a pat on the back. In most cases this is entirely untrue. Without reviews you simply wont sell books!

I’m a member of the GoodReads community, which is a large web site dedicated for readers and authors to share their comments. Its not easy to actually receive reviews and more a way to stay in tune with what readers like. Also, it’s a place to make friends with all walks of life across the world.

I woke up on Sunday morning and after saying hello on various topics in my discussion groups I checked my own books. The new version of Tight Spiral had a new 5 star review. Normally, I would copy and paste this into my site under reviews. However, it was so moving and from a fellow author and book reviewer, I wanted to share this with you on my blog. If you like any of my books please send a review to Amazon and GoodReads.

GoodReads 5 star Review:

I did not receive any type of compensation for reading & reviewing this book. While I receive free books from publishers & authors, I am under no obligation to write a positive review. Only an honest one.

A very awesome book cover, great font & writing style. A very well written football romance book. It was very easy for me to read/follow from start/finish & never a dull moment. There were no grammar/typo errors, nor any repetitive or out of line sequence sentences. Lots of exciting scenarios, with several twists/turns & a great set of unique characters to keep track of. This could also make another great football romance movie, or better yet a mini TV series. A very easy rating of 5 stars.


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A True Short Story

I finally decided to release a story I’ve had written for three years. I dedicated my first novel – Tight Spiral to a dear friend that passed away suddenly at the young age of forty-nine. We coached American Football together and he was my mentor and close freind.

This is the true story of how we met and coached the great game. Its hilarious and shows the huge difference in culture between Brits and Americans, especially back in 1987.

Available on kindle at all Amazon outlets for 0.99 or free if you are an Amazon Unlimited customer.



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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving in the USA. It’s a wonderful day, full of football on the TV with Turkey and all the trimmings. In my other life, I have promoted booze for most of my life.
People often ask which wine pairs best with Turkey and especially if they don’t like white wine. The experts say Riesling. I agree in part, but once you add Cranberry sauce, stuffing and gravy this changes the whole taste profile. For the past few years, I have recommended Pinot Noir for red wine lovers however, this year I have found an absolute perfect partner. Grenache from Spain. Its very approachable with lots of fruity character while being super smooth and quite light. Most Spanish wines are affordable and just make sure you see Grenache on the label. Spain’s main grape varietal is Tempranillio, which is a tad too spicy with a Turkey dinner.


Friday of this week is Black Friday and next Monday is Cyber Day. Really! These two days are the most popular for book deals and purchases. I have The Whisky Affair Kindle for free starting on Friday through Tuesday.
Happy reading and writing.

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“Get Shorty”

Short stories are becoming popular these days. After writing my first one, I can understand how they are enjoyable, both for an author and reader.

Before the introduction of e-books and companies like Amazon, it was almost impossible to find them. Many famous authors like Stephen King were pleading with their publishers to write short stories. The problem was simply print costs would cause the retail price to be too high.

Today you will find all the big authors have a short story or two.

For today’s reader, they fit our life- style. Busy at work or home with all sorts of distractions and other forms of entertainment we never had. Social media, Netflix EG:

Short stories come in many shapes and sizes, however, the norm would be a read of no more than one hour. You can find a separate section on Amazon Kindle – Singles. They will include Novellas and the best gauge would be kindle book of 25 to 30 pages would be an hour read.

I find more readers are switching to shorts, but keeping the full novels for holidays and rainy cold winter weekends.

If you do get hooked on short stories you could take an anthology on holiday. I bought one a while back. “Love is Murder” by Sandra Brown. This anthology featured 30 famous authors with short stories, including Lee Child and Heather Graham.

I like writing them so much I currently have three stories I’m writing.

Happy writing day everyone

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First Short Story

I’m so pleased that I have finally written my first short story. “Inspired by a Song,”is not something I had ever envisioned would be my motivation to write a short story, let alone on deciding to make my first a recent pop song!

I love all types of music, but to be honest classic rock, new wave in the eighties and U2 are my favourites. Until recently, with my job, I drove many miles in Atlantic Canada and my selection of albums in the car is in the hundreds. I decided to buy the Album “V “by Maroon 5 in 2014.

It’s a great album to get your mojo going for any long drive and I liked all the tracks. However, one particularly song would move me in such a way, I immediately started to write! Unfortunately, each draft didn’t quite convey what I interpreted the song to be about. In the end, I gave up on the idea.

Two years later, “It Was Always You” was still in my head and suddenly a new idea developed in my mind.

I hope you enjoy this short story and follow the series. Hopefully, it will be my top ten list of songs that inspire me to write a story. Each one may be read in less than an hour. Ideal for bedtime read, or the doctors, on a plane, bus or train.

I can’t guarantee they will all be romantic. I always endeavour to make sure readers enjoy the plot, with some irony and most importantly, you smile at the end.

Please make comments or like my weekly blog.  I will happily send a free e-books digital copy of any of my books upon request.


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