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The History of Gin – Part 2

I have often heard people refer to the term “Mother’s Ruin” with the assumption that drinking gin will make you depressed or extremely emotional. Tests have proved this is not the case and in fact if anything most drinkers are surprisingly happy while drinking gin.

The term is up for debate according to Wikipedia. However, if you look at the history of gin around the time of the gin revolution in the early seventeen hundreds its quite easy to see how the term was originated.

The Hogarth print clearly shows the times in London with the relaxed laws on selling and drinking gin. It was literally all age groups and many mothers were divulging in the gin craze.

Mothers would lose their children to excessive drinking of gin, causing lethal accidents, violent acts and crime which would see many finish on the gallows! Mother’s Ruin!

Back around the time of the gin revolution, not only was it easy to make, cheap to drink, but another added incentive – it was promoted as being healthy for you, particularly with Malaria and Typhoid rampant. But also, easier to give birth, improve your eyesight, coughs and colds remedy and very good for the brain, which improved one’s memory.

All this from the properties found in Juniper berries, which were the only guaranteed botanical to be used in all gins!
Juniper berries were considered a magical potion for just about any ailment according to doctors.

So, there you have it. Gin makes you happy and is healthy for you. Of course, drunk in moderation.

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The History of Gin – Part 1

Gin is steeped in history probably more than any other alcoholic beverage.

The gin story starts when in 1688 a new king took over the throne of England.

King William the third, William of Orange a Dutchman. Why would a Dutchman become king of England, you may ask? No wonder the British historical TV dramas are so popular full of intrigue and corruption.

A short Summary:

William III was connected to the English throne by his mother, Mary, who was the daughter of Charles I. He married with Mary, his first cousin and daughter of his maternal uncle James.

James became king of England and was Catholic. Since the majority of England was protestant, James was unpopular and there was fear the ambition of the French (Catholic) king Louis XIV, with whom the Dutch were at war.

English nobles invited William to invade England and take over the throne. Meanwhile the Dutch Republic, of which William was the Prince of Orange and “Stadhouder”, could use a powerful protestant force against the French.
So, William beat James at the battle of the Boyne and became king of England, Ireland and Scotland.


The King considered importing Genever the national drink of Holland
This was a malted spirit with barley that would go through a process like beer and then a distillation with the botanicals and often aged. Its sounds delicious and halfway towards a single malt whisky, but really not a popular drink outside of Holland.

However, the king found the English farmers had plenty of excess grain that was not fit for food and so what better turn to use in making spirit. He made the laws so relaxed, with far less tax than on beer, every man and his dog started distilling gin in London. The farmers were happy and so too was the nation.

With really no rules on who could produce gin and no license required unlike taverns etc. by 1751 there were 17,000 gin houses in London with a population of 600,000. Open 24/7 until 1839.

By 1720 90% of spirits were distilled in London and could be sold by anyone. That means 12 million gallons of raw spirit were being distilled in a city of 600K the equivalent of every man, woman and child drinking over half a litre of gin per week.

Here is a recipe from 1730.
120 gallons (550 litres) of raw spirit, a splash of turpentine, half ounce of sulphuric acid, lime, rosewater, almonds and alum which is dying compound, I guess for color. Sounds delicious!

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Introduction to “The Gin Experience”

I have been so busy in the month of June promoting gin. However, lets go back to the month of May to bring you all up to date.
I had just completed a successful whisky and cheese tasting at the Port store in Downtown Halifax. We always go to questions and answers for the last 20 minutes of all my whisky events. The main question was “Mike when is the next one?” Summer time tends to be quiet in the world of whisky and when I replied, “probably October” many in the tasting asked if I could educate them on gin. After all, it’s the most talked about acholic beverage at the moment surpassing, craft beer! Well, I do have my professional spirits certificate from London and so technically I can teach all the spirits category
“Let me get back to you,” I informed the class.

Turns out this made total sense, since I love a good G & T and the only area of gin I had not covered in my course was to visit a distillery and see it being made. I have offered classes on single malt whisky for almost 20 years and I believe people enjoy the authenticity I provide at each whisky event. I have visited many distilleries in Scotland over the years and without speaking to some of the staff at each unique distillery I would never have the special knowledge I convey at each event.
I was already going back to England in May to visit family and decided to book a connoisseur tour at the Edinburgh Gin distillery.
Knowing I would see gin being made first hand, I decided to pick a date and promote an event in Halifax for when I returned. The date was set for June 08 and while I was still in England it sold out!

The Gin Experience is now a complete module I feature at all my gin events, covering history, distillation techniques, botanicals, tastings with a Tom Collins, a Gin & Tonic and three or four premium gins sipped neat over ice.

My next series of posts will be The Gin Experience broken down into each category.

Many thanks to all the staff at The Edinburgh Gin distillery and our amazing tour director. I have incorporated many facts I learnt on the trip on how to make an incredible range of craft gins into the Gin Experience.

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Books & Gin

I have been busy this winter promoting all my books and hosting many whisky events. A big thank you to all that attended the Port store whisky discovery event and to Oceanstone Resort for an amazing whisky dinner.

Starting in June, I will switch my attention to the world of gin, with many events lined up for the summertime.

June 10th is world gin day and a chance for you all to explore the many gins now available. I will be starting a “Mike’s Gin Diary in May. Keep checking my blog for more information on gin. Certain gins are made to be a perfect marriage in a cocktail, a G & T or just to sip over ice. I will let you know which are the best gins for your favourite drink.

I don’t imagine any writing from me this year, although with all this talk of gin, I may just have Raymond Armstrong my character in my Whisky novel series suddenly develop a passion for gin.

The Whiskey AffairThe Shackleton Affair

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A Canadian Magazine for Authors & Readers

You can find an in depth interview of yours truly in the February edition of Opal Publishing.

Easy to subscribe to their on-line magazine for all the latest in the world of writing by Canadian Authors.

Thank you so much to the great team at Opal.




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Blog Tour

Please find my Blog Tour for the next 10 days.

Featuring my first novel Tight Spiral during SuperBowl week, along with information on my other books and interviews with me. Hope you enjoy.

Sensuous Promos

The Book Pub

Darkest Cravings

Nicole Morgan

All My Book Finds

Taylor Brooks

Nic’s Book Nook

Nicki Day

Colleen S. Myers

Get Cozy

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Its going to be a busy time over the next few weeks for me. With the SuperBowl only 10 days away, Tight Spiral is being featured as a reminder to readers that enjoy sports fiction novels. Commencing on 30 of January, I will be on a book tour with Sensuous Promotions.  Yes, Tight Spiral is also romantic with a touch of erotica in certain scenes. However, its not raunchy in anyway and is just two young people falling in love.

Also, I will be featured in a publication that covers all of Canada. This is a fantastic e-book magazine for Canadian authors and readers.

Please visit this site for more information next week on dates and links to interviews and information.

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Indie Authors

Happy New Year

January is flying by. I have been busy promoting my three full novels and two short stories.  There comes a time for all Indie (self-published) authors to take time out from writing and work on their marketing plan.

I spent some considerable time checking my books were in the correct genres. I do get quite disappointed when I buy a book that is not in the correct category that was shown. EG: Famous romance writers, where 99% is actually crime and one smile from the two main characters to each other constitutes romance!

Tight Spiral was under Romance and suspense with a smattering of romance in the Erotica category. However most of the story is about American football and the ups and downs in life we find in many relationships. The fact they meet and fall in love is only a small part of the story. I changed sub genres and key words on Amazon and now its # 84 best selling under Teen/Young adult and Football. Up there with Calico Joe by John Grisham which I thought was  great read.

I recently got to thinking about fellow authors on social media that would send a tweet asking if we would retweet their messages. I have never seen a retweet of my posts from this author for over a year. I started paying attention to which authors actually help each other.


Please find three links of authors that have helped me tremendously. The first two are local authors in Nova Scotia. The third is a lady from the USA I have never met, but supports me on Twitter continuously. Here is an author that writes true romantic suspense stories. Thanks for all your support.


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Guest Author Appearance

I was invited by Author Rita Chapman to be her guest author this week. Rita is a UK writer living in Australia. If you like romantic adventure novels then “Missing in Egypt” is a must read.

Missing in Egypt

I must say the questions were both interesting and diverse and I thoroughly enjoyed the interview.

You can visit Rita’s web site to view the full interview.

Rita’s web site

I hope in the future to invite authors to appear here on my Blog.

Have a great Sunday


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Featured Author

You will find me today at Love Indie Romance. Check out their Facebook page:

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