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Gin Rating # 5

Posted By on July 2, 2018

I often describe the location and the local characteristics of a distillery in my whisky tastings, where its possible to detect the local elements and nuances, in each glass. Could this be true with certain gins? I believe Glendalough from Ireland is a gin that really captures the scenic beauty of their location in the Wicklow Mountains, south of Dublin and known as the “Garden of Ireland.” Glendalough made our Fab Four...

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Compass Distillery Visit

Posted By on June 26, 2018

I had the pleasure of visiting Compass Distillery in Halifax this past Sunday. My goal was to listen to the guy that actually makes gin! No matter how many courses, research and sampling one can do in our busy lives, having a perspective from the creators is always icing on the cake. The first thing that struck me was their pot still. They have a column still to make vodka, which is far more authentic than many distilleries that buy...

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Gin Ratings # 4

Posted By on June 21, 2018

A new style gin from the North-West of the USA. Aviation Gin shines if you don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the “What is a London Dry Gin?” For centuries the London style has been 90 % or more of the gins we enjoy. One of the requirements under EU regulations is the gin must be predominantly Junipers. The interpretation of predominately Junipers is rather loose and I prefer the main regulation – nothing can be added once...

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Gin Ratings # 3

Posted By on June 18, 2018

They do say if you love Scotch Whisky you will love and appreciate a good gin. The Grants family (Glenfiddich & Balvenie) seem to agree! A stunning gin from Bonnie Scotland with hints of cucumber and flowers, with a big mouthfeel. The distillery uses two stills for their botanicals recipe. Both identical recipes but, distilled separately in a Cadenhead still and a 19th centaury still. The result is wonderful. Nose: Fresh &...

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Gin Ratings # 2. Sipsmith’s

Posted By on June 12, 2018

            While being a relatively new distillery opening in 2009, this gin is traditional with plenty of Junipers and pine cone aromas. Sipsmiths was very well received at our class last week and almost scored the same as Tanqueray 10. On the nose and palate, lots of juniper with floral notes and spice. Big creamy mouthfeel. Sipping: 4.3 G & T: 3.5 I would experiment with the range of Fever tree Tonic flavors....

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Gin Ratings & Introduction

Posted By on June 7, 2018

Did you know gin is the only alcoholic drink where what we detect is completely natural? We detect what botanicals recipes are used by the various gin distilleries. Think about it. Strawberries aromas on French Pinot Noir, Orange or chocolate on a single malt whisky. In other words, the fermentation or other influences such as cask maturation or other techniques cause a reaction to all drinks. In gin you get what is in the botanical...

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