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The Botanist Gin

Posted By on April 16, 2018

The new Gin Craze is in full swing, only this time consumers have a wide choice of premium gins. The first craze a few hundred years ago in London saw consumption of gin sky rocket, being drunk more often than water or tea by all age groups. It was so easy to make and sell back then with ingredients such as Turpentine and juniper oils or some fake flavoring. Today, gin is in my opinion the most fascinating, complex and premium...

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Very Rare Single Malt Tasting

Posted By on April 11, 2018

I had the privilege to host a rare single malt nose and tasting last week. This was in part due to the support and commitment from AHRSE whisky club, Tomatin Distillery and their local distributor. We had an amazing line up of six single malts with the star attraction being the Tomatin 36 year old and Tomatin 1982 bottled in 2010 and therefore aged for 28 years in a single cask. We began with Tomatin 12 and Aultmore 12 for reception...

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Post Whisky Show – Whisky Class

Posted By on March 20, 2018

March 15th was my last regular whisky class for the winter season. Here’s hoping spring arrives with lots of warm sunshine and we can all get on to our decks to barbeque and of course sip on a long Gin & Tonic. My Gin Experience events will commence in June. We had six single malts from the show to nose & taste and I am featuring the three most popular from my guests on the 15th. This wonderful single malt is made at the...

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The Nova Scotia Whisky Show

Posted By on March 15, 2018

Last Saturday was the annual NSLC Whisky Show in Halifax. Both the afternoon & evening secessions were packed with whisky enthusiasts. I was fortunate to be poring Royal Brackla and Aultmore from the Dewar’s – Last of the Great Malts series. Both of these excellent distilleries produce whisky so good, the master blenders take almost all of their production for their top selling global blends. The few casks that...

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Whisky & Desserts Event

Posted By on February 26, 2018

Prepared for my 20 guests to arrive.   I hosted this event last Thursday and while it was the same night as Savour Food & Wine I almost sold out. Nice to see so many whisky enthusiasts in Nova Scotia. Actually, we sampled food and a hint of wine from some of the six single malt cask expressions. We started the tasting with Auchentoshan American Oak. A whisky maturated in just ex bourbon is hard to find these days. It will be...

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Smooth Canadian Whisky

Posted By on February 17, 2018

So, here is a first from the Scotch guy in Nova Scotia. A Canadian whisky I will always keep in the house. High River is so smooth,delicious and so affordable at $ 34.95. This product and part of the Sazerac group does have quite an unusual story. Its made at the Buffalo Trace distillery in Kentucky!  Our friends down south have always bought all the rye we grow in Canada and offer 100% Rye whisky, which in turn Canadians buy. Always...

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