Gin Ratings # 4

Posted By Mike Gill on June 21, 2018 | 0 comments

A new style gin from the North-West of the USA. Aviation Gin shines if you don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the “What is a London Dry Gin?”

For centuries the London style has been 90 % or more of the gins we enjoy. One of the requirements under EU regulations is the gin must be predominantly Junipers.

The interpretation of predominately Junipers is rather loose and I prefer the main regulation – nothing can be added once distillation occurs.

While its not my cup of tea, if my mind is set on a traditional gin, I completely understand why this gin is so popular with the new wave of gin drinkers.

Canadian movie idol Ryan Reynolds on drinking his first Aviation Gin announced “this my favorite gin I have to buy the company.” He’s now a major shareholder!

Its priced very well in the Canadian market.

I was eager to detect sarsaparilla, which reminded me of “Sugarfoot” an old western TV series where the cowboy was a Tea- Totaller. Rather than the typical “give me a rye,” he asked for sarsaparilla! I found it on the palate rather than the nose.

Our group either scored it low or high with a 50-50 split.

We found the aroma a tad strong, although its only 42%. Lots of orange and lavender on the nose with only a touch of junipers however, the sarsaparilla and mint appeared on the palate. The finish provided a good dollop of spices.

In my twenty years of being around some amazing scotch enthusiasts that can detect and describe aromas that would boggle your mind, one of our ladies in the group described Aviation with a description I have never heard.

“This tastes pleasantly of plastic, like a new Barbie Doll on Christmas Morning.”

In the Not Really Gin Category

Sipping: 3.0

G & T” 4.0 The Mediterranean Fever Tree Tonic with an orange garnish. Now this may not be a thirst quencher on the deck in the summer. However, it will be amazing in the winter and you know I advocate drinking gin all year round!

Martini: 3.5 It would be quite spicy.

Play around with Aviation. It’s a crowd pleaser for the new gin set.

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