Introduction to “The Gin Experience”

Posted By Mike Gill on June 26, 2017 | 0 comments

I have been so busy in the month of June promoting gin. However, lets go back to the month of May to bring you all up to date.
I had just completed a successful whisky and cheese tasting at the Port store in Downtown Halifax. We always go to questions and answers for the last 20 minutes of all my whisky events. The main question was “Mike when is the next one?” Summer time tends to be quiet in the world of whisky and when I replied, “probably October” many in the tasting asked if I could educate them on gin. After all, it’s the most talked about acholic beverage at the moment surpassing, craft beer! Well, I do have my professional spirits certificate from London and so technically I can teach all the spirits category
“Let me get back to you,” I informed the class.

Turns out this made total sense, since I love a good G & T and the only area of gin I had not covered in my course was to visit a distillery and see it being made. I have offered classes on single malt whisky for almost 20 years and I believe people enjoy the authenticity I provide at each whisky event. I have visited many distilleries in Scotland over the years and without speaking to some of the staff at each unique distillery I would never have the special knowledge I convey at each event.
I was already going back to England in May to visit family and decided to book a connoisseur tour at the Edinburgh Gin distillery.
Knowing I would see gin being made first hand, I decided to pick a date and promote an event in Halifax for when I returned. The date was set for June 08 and while I was still in England it sold out!

The Gin Experience is now a complete module I feature at all my gin events, covering history, distillation techniques, botanicals, tastings with a Tom Collins, a Gin & Tonic and three or four premium gins sipped neat over ice.

My next series of posts will be The Gin Experience broken down into each category.

Many thanks to all the staff at The Edinburgh Gin distillery and our amazing tour director. I have incorporated many facts I learnt on the trip on how to make an incredible range of craft gins into the Gin Experience.

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