Ungava Gin

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Don’t judge a book by its cover!


Ungava is a golden color, which is quite unique in the world of gin.

However, its not a compound gin like the flavored gins of the past nor do they add artificial flavorings at the end of distillation.

So many new gins today have taken a new direction away from the typical London Dry Gin Style. Basically, to be considered a London Dry it must be predominately Junipers with nothing added after distillation.

Hendricks were one of the first to move away from this style with Cucumber and Rose Hips being infused after distillation.

Today, many from North America are not your typical gin.

Ungava gin is quite similar where they use six artic plants in their botanical recipe and are included both before distillation and infused after which gives the gin the wonderful golden color.

Ungava is incredibly smooth with lots of fruit, sweet spices and a hint of tea from the Labrador tea plant in the botanicals. Nordic Junipers, Labrador Tea, Crowberry, Cloudberry, and wild Rose Hips are part of the botanical recipe

If you prefer a sweeter gin and tonic, then this will work although I would prefer with a Negroni. 2 parts Ungava to one part each of Campari and Vermouth.

The Ungava peninsular is so far north and close to the most northern point of Quebec and home to the Inuit people.

The artic plants are handpicked and distilled at Domaine Pinnacle distillery in Quebec. This is truly an all Canadian product.

Available in most NSLC stores at the affordable price of $ 34.99

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