Whisky & Cheese Pairing Event

Posted By Mike Gill on December 18, 2018 | 0 comments

Last Wednesday I hosted a Whisky & Cheese Event with some wonderful pairings.


Jura 10 with Coastal Cheddar

Jura 10 is so much improved over the original with a nutty, wisp of smoke, oily, with a sweet finish.

Coastal is made in Dorset England, aged for 15 months and after which it gets a sweet taste and a distinct crunch which is the result of the calcium lactate crystals formation, which occurs naturally.

Glenmorangie 18 with Double Gloucester.

Creamy with oodles of honey, some spice and exotic fruits. Reminds me of Turkish delight. One of the best 18 year old malts in the market for value.

Double Gloucester is one of the creamiest in the cheddar family. Whole milk rather than skimmed. The orange paste is colored with annatto and it’s a tangy nutty flavor.

Dalmore 18 & Wensleydale

This malt goes best with Terrys Chocolate Orange if you want to magnify those tastes of orange & chocolate.

With cheese, Wensleydale (my original home) does occasionally make a chocolate orange cheese. The original we paired is close to the original recipe made since 1150 with a mild and super buttery finish.

Arran Sauternes & Stilton Mango Ginger

Arran Sauternes is a 50% single cask unique offering with sweet honey and lemon zest. The finish becomes more Seville orange than lemon.

Stilton the most famous cheese in England and known as the King’s cheese. This is not like Stilton however, in its not blue or strong tasting. The Mango & ginger pair well with the effect of the sauternes wine originally in the cask. Fruity, spicy and sweet.

Ardbeg Corryvreken & Applewood Smoked Cheddar

A rare offering from the famous Ardbeg distillery on Islay. Its 57.1% ABV  single cask. Powerfully peaty and immensely satisfying, Ardbeg’s Corryvreken is what happens when the distillery of Islay’s Kildalton Coast aims to make a whisky with a particularly medicinal style than its usual expressions.

Aptly named after a nearby whirlpool, Corryvreken is an intense dram that we all simply loved.

Palate: Cream, spices, tingling, fresh fruit, medicinal,  lots of smoke & orange peels.

Finish: Salty, more iodine, smoked meats, peat & salt spray.

Applewood Smoked Cheddar

Its quite smoky which comes from the Paprika, not a smoking process. It works so well with most peaty malts.

Happy Holidays to one and all. Special thanks to Dave for all is help and support at my Whisky & Gin events in 2018.



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