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It Was Always You

Great excitement boarding the Flying Scotsman and taking photos along the way to capture the rare trip of the steam locomotive travelling to London. I could feel the lurching of the cars and hear the people chattering as they settled in their seats.

Great characters and in short order we get motivation of them to have chosen this train this particular day. The whole scenario seems fated.

The end comes way too fast in this short story and I wanted more. That’s a pretty good story then!! 4 Stars

Goodreads Review

Goodreads Reviews -Tight Spiral 5.0-star rating

I enjoyed the travel aspect and the social and cultural aspects of the story. It was a very choice book for men who don’t mind a football and a story or women who don’t mind football because the romance was adorable.

Karen USA

Goodreads Reviews - Tight Spiral 4.0-star rating

I enjoyed reading it a lot. It is not overly long, so when I think of how much I could tell you, I realise that it is very well written. No rambling, plenty of swapping of point of view and both moments of fun and pathos.

Thank you Mr Gill, I hope you have plenty more stories to share.

Wicked Reads

Goodreads Reviews - Tight Spiral 5.0-star rating

This romance is really well written, there are many emotions which are transmitted to the readers. The choice of the sport and suspense thanks to various external negative interventions gives a lot of rhythm. A fast, panting rhythm which makes it possible to prevent that we get bored. It’s possible thanks to the small chapters and the multiple changes of narrator.

Les Chroniques Aléatoires Paris, France

Goodreads Reviews - Tight Spiral 5.0-star rating

An enjoyable story of American Football in the UK. Michael Gill did a great job of explaining the football terms and references. It was a quick read, but he didn’t skimp on character or story. The hero and heroine were interesting and well-drawn, the setting beautifully detailed, and the dialogue seemed appropriate. I would read more from Michael Gill.

Net Galley

The Whisky Affair - Amazon Review

Mike Gill has woven a together an engaging mystery that centers on the international trade that is the whisky industry.

I really enjoyed the numerous details of places and foods all tied together with interesting characters and a flowing narrative.

As I read the book I was reminded of another author’s whose art of storytelling that I greatly admire – Peter Mayle. If you enjoyed A Year in Provence or The Marseille Caper you will love this.

Highly recommended

Tyrone Canada

The Whisky Affair - Amazon Review

Gill’s s knowledge of the whisky industry comes through in this riveting novel set in Scotland. The story has realistic characters, a strong sense of place, and a murder to sweeten the plot.

I found The Whisky Affair intoxicating

Alice Walsh Award winning author. Canada

The Shackleton Affair

Shortlisted Book Viral book of the year 2015.

A genuine page-turner, sure to find favour with armchair sleuths, The Shackleton Affair makes for an enthralling read. Definitely deserving of a place on your bookshelf it is recommended without reservation.

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